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Why Vintage?

When someone talks about vintage furniture they are actually talking about furniture that is somewhere between 35 to 100 years of age, and furniture that is more than 100 years old is classified as being antique. One of the most popular periods for vintage furniture is the Mid-Century Modern look, and we will look more closely at vintage furniture from that time period, as well as the differences between it and modern furniture.

What does the term Mid-Century mean?

When people talk about mid-century furniture, they are actually talking about furniture that was designed and built in the middle part of the 20th century. More specifically, the years immediately after the Second World War to the mid-part of the 1960’s.

Why Vintage Furniture is more valuable than Mass Produced Furniture

Quality furniture from this period was still made by hand, before mass-production of cheap items of furniture in quirky styles became popular in the late 1960’s onwards. This means that these items of furniture, still have a lot of style, and they have been lovingly designed and created, as well as being built to withstand the ravages of time. This makes these items of furniture much sought after and collectable. Not only that, but due to the fact that so much care and attention has been lavished on to the item, furniture of this type is much more valuable than furniture that has been mass produced.

The Advantages of Buying Vintage Furniture

One of the main advantages of buying vintage office furniture is that it will continue to rise in value as it gets older, something that mass produced furniture does not. The amount of value that it will acquire as it ages will depend on a number of different things, such as where and when it was constructed.

Style is another big plus point when it comes to buying mid century office furniture. A lot of classic designs are either copied or incorporated into the design of modern day furniture, however, nothing quite beats owning an original piece of unique office furniture. In fact some vintage styles are no longer used in modern furniture design, making the original much more unique and collectable.

A back story can also set apart vintage furniture from its modern day counterparts. A lot of collectors of this kind of furniture often like to discover whether there are any stories connected to the items.

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